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National Day of Relaxation?!

Wait, there's a National Day of Relaxation?!?! Yes, friends, there is and it's today! August 15th is the annual day that we reserve to remind ourselves to take a moment to relax. Just one day to remember this... I'm giggling at it, but also very happy this day exists!

Truth be told, I firmly believe in regular relaxation. One of my passion projects, The Fourteen40 Project is all about taking time for yourself every single day. That may take the form of a longer time period, like a pedicure or a nap, or it may be just a minute or two if that's what the day hands you. Regardless, in this super fast-paced world and time of uber connectivity, we all need some time every day to unplug and unwind; to make sure we remember how to be 'us' and stay connected to ourselves, not just everyone else.

So when I found out that today was the National Day of Relaxation I smiled from ear to ear. As luck would have it, I had my monthly massage scheduled for this evening and I felt like it was serendipitous timing. Having just come back from a few days out of town, it's always busy getting back in the swing of things. When I originally made the massage appointment I just booked an open time that I knew I could make work with my family's schedule - not thinking about the fact that it would be my second day back in the office and I might be dealing with more than usual. I came very close to canceling it, but I set a New Year's Standard (not Resolution) for 2019 to get a massage every month - and I wasn't going to miss it. Putting time aside for your own mental and physical health is NOT selfish.

Taking a lunch break or an evening out to get pampered and refill your cup is something that you should be doing! We put so much emphasis on pushing through and being 'busy' that we burn ourselves out and we end up not being as productive or as positive. It's a lose - lose situation.

But, what got me thinking was what would I have done to celebrate this day if I hadn't had my massage appointment booked. Below are 10 easy ways to help yourself relax, unwind, unplug, check out, whatever you want to call it so that you feel rested and rejuvenated!

  1. Read a book for fun. Losing yourself in a good read, fiction or nonfiction, can be a great way to spend time doing something for yourself. Bonus points if you put your phone on do not disturb while you read!

  2. Go for a walk outside. Taking a leisurely stroll around the park, mall, or even outside your office is a wonderful way to get your mind and body relaxing.

  3. Take a bubble bath. Let's be honest, there aren't too many things that a warm, sudsy bubble bath can't help alleviate.

  4. Call a friend to chat. When's the last time you've had a moment to call a friend to catch up? No agenda or plans to make, just to shoot the when we were kids (or at least when people my age were kids!).

  5. Take a nap. Power nap, siesta, or sleeping away the afternoon...naps are pretty much an adult's idea of heaven.

  6. Get a pedicure or manicure. Or both.

  7. Go to the beach or lake. Being around the water and the sounds of the shore can have an instant calming effect. It's hard not to relax when you're at the water.

  8. Take a yoga class. For relaxation, I would suggest a Yin yoga class, but if hot power yoga gets your mellow vibes flowing, then you do you.

  9. Watch a movie. Even better, watch a movie on your couch and then follow with a nap. You're winning the relaxation game.

  10. Meditate. Personally I think this is something we should do every single day. Whether it's for 2 minutes or 2 hours, taking time to meditate allows us to really focus on what is important, draw more of the good in life to us, and allows us to connect with ourselves in a spiritual way.

And of course, my personal favorite, get a massage. Which I did. And I loved.

Massage table and salt lamp. Halo massage with tuning forks and cupping is amazing!

How did you celebrate the National Day of Relaxation? It's not too late to do something for yourself! And hey, if you don't get to it today, do something tomorrow. And maybe the next day, too.

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